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Everybody knows that this is an easy-to-understand game and it makes it one of the most favorites fans among gamblers. It is a symbol of the casino and its stylized image can often be seen as the logo of gambling establishments, including online ones. Today thousands of gamblers learning how to play roulette and take more chances to win.

Today the casinos online can offer dozens of roulette types. But not all of them have found their popularity among gamblers. The most widespread are three types:

  • French type.
  • American type.
  • European type.

Each of these types has special rules on how to play roulette.

At the same time, the rules for playing American and European roulette are alike, with some exceptions. For example, the game designed in the New World (American) wheel is divided into 38 sectors, including the zero (0) and double-zero (00) cells, while the European has 37 sectors, including only one zero (0).

As you may notice, the table in the roulette game is divided into sectors. From 1 to 36 are colored red and black ones, they alternate each other. Zero and double-zero are colored green. European Roulette is divided into 3 conventional sectors for quick bets.

What have to do the player

The player's task is to correctly guess the cell in which the ball will fall. You can guess both the number and the color of the cell. When the ball hits the zero or double-zero sector, the money goes to the casino, except in the cases when the player bets on these cells.

The size of the win depends on the probability of guessing: the lower the probability, the greater the win. If you bet on a specific number, the payout will be 35 times the stake. When guessing the color of the sector, the size will be 1: 1 to the bet.

Many players are looking for how to play roulette and win. But not everyone understands the ideal strategy does not exist. These few principles will help you increase your chances of winning:

  • Start playing with even odds bets.
  • Limit your gaming budget.
  • Take breaks between game sessions.

And of course, just play, gain experience, be careful, and do not scatter large sums of your money. Good luck will smile for you!

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